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Member Benefits - Customer Loyalty Programmes

Member Benefits is a unique promotional platform that allows exclusive offers & special discounts to be promoted direct to club members of exclusive sports, health and fitness clubs across the UK.

The guides are published in association with the chosen leisure facility for the benefit of their club members.

What We Do

What makes Member Benefits unique is our ability to work with local businesses and add value to the clubs’ offerings by getting amazing discounts on quality products and services in their local area saving club memebers hundreds of pounds. The popular concept is a good source of local club news that allows members to share their achievements and inspire others in the many areas of sports and fitness through a positive social and exciting platform.

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Our Members

Businesses can be assured that the promotion gets into the hands of all club members, both physically at vantage points in the club, as well as electronically through to their personal emails, In the form of a digitally created e-book of the printed guide, which includes videos, animations, bringing advertisers products and services alive and can be accessed across mobile phones, tablets and computers. The e-book enables advertisers to better understand their customers’ buying habits, and engage with them more fully through their website and social media platforms, in a fast and simple way

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What members are saying
"The discounts in this guide are just brilliant"
Emma Cartwright
Club member
What members are saying
" I love the variety of discounts being offered"
Joyce Reid
Club member
What members are saying
"A wonderful idea that really saves you money"
Paul Thornbury
Club member
What Businesses are saying
"Brilliant communication tool with so many benefits for all"
Alan Mountford
Brand Manager
Beadles - Volkswagon - Dartford
What Businesses are saying
"Great awareness concept that works for us"
Simon Dayes
Group Marketing Director
Tony LeVoi - Vauxhall - Lakeside

Building Businesses Through Creative Genius
Customer Loyalty Programmes

Food & Film - Customer Loyalty Programmes

For over a decade Dining Out and Entertainment have been creating unique back-to-back food and film promotions working in association with major cinema chains.

Including the Odeon, Vue , Cineworld and Picture House Cinemas across London. The concept increases business turnover for both parties during the normally quiet periods of business activity.

Since 2002 our publication have been hugely sucessful at driving customers to restaurants through attractive dining and cinema voucher offers.

Food & Film is a proven medium and a great way to promote your restaurant business to a perfect audience of potential diners. The film & food guides are published each quarter and features the new film releases and the participating restaurants involved in the promotion.

Dining out and going to the cinema is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. The combined pursuits are a natural partnership that millions of people enjoy each and every week.If your restaurant would like to be featured in the next issue of your local Food & Film guide. Simply decide on the meal offer you would like to promote then give us a call and we will do the rest.
What diners are saying
"My partner and I love good food and love going to the cinema. This is a real winner for us."
Emma Thornbury

"A fabulous idea that we actually use"
Sarah Clement
What Businesses are saying
"Great Response we have booked again"
Bled Abazi
Frankie & Bennys

"This is a very good promotion defianetly repeating again"
Mirela Pom
Strada Restaurant
What we are saying
Whether your a restaurant business or a cinema, this promotion makes total sense. Why not contact us today and see how we can connect your local community through food and film in you area.

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